Everyone WINS with KeyCard Deals!
Celebrating our 31st Year!   


Thank you to the thousands of consumers who buy KeyCards each year to support local schools, churches, civic groups, dance, gymnastics, Boy Scouts and many other groups that sell them as a fundraiser.

The secret to our success is simple!

1) Sign up great businesses you use everyday! (restaurants, car washes, groceries, family fun, golf, etc.)

2) Focus 100% of our time signing up businesses in Greater Grand Rapids and nearby areas. This allows us to have 10 times more local businesses than our competitors.

3) We don't charge businesses to participate in exchange that they guarantee KeyCard buyers "Better Deals" than anything else they advertise. This includes online deals (ie. Groupon) or all the "junk mail" coupons you get in your mailbox.

4) Unlike all of our competitor "one-and-done" coupon books, KeyCard Deals has better deals. more local businesses, plus the KeyCard can be used repeatedly, 7 days a week, as many times as you want.

5) The KeyCard folds to fit conveniently in your wallet or purse so it's ALWAYS there when you need it.