Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What does it cost to be a participating KeyCard Deals merchant? 
A. It's FREE to advertise with KeyCard Deals. Unlike other advertisers who charge, we DON"T.... so you can afford Better Deals.

Q. How do I know I'm getting the best deals? 
A. We monitor businesses that charge an advertising fee, including ValPak, Money Mailer, Great Deals Magazine, Best Cheks, SaveOn, Groupon, etc. You're paying to receive our deals, so they MUST be better than what you get free in the mail or online.

Q: Why should I register my card?
1) Receive emails as new merchants are added.
2) Receive emails with Bonus printable coupons.
3) Receive other special KeyCard promotions.

Q: Do I have to register my card to use it?
A: No, you can use the card immediately at all participating locations.

Q: How do I reset my password?
Click here for instructions.

Q. Will we be coming out with a mobile app? 
A. Yes. This is our next project once Covid is over with.